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Meet Our Leader

Pastor Willette Salley-Wilson

Pastor Willette Salley- Wilson is the Pastor/Founder of Rivers of Love Prayer and Healing Center. At the age of 10, as she sat in her room reading, she heard the call of God to, “Preach the Gospel” with

grooming and teaching of her father throughout her rearing, she could only thirst the more for

God. In 2002, she was ordained as an Evangelist to the Nations through Christian International with her leader’s blessing. In 2004, she founded Rivers of Love Prayer and Healing Center. She assured the call to Pastor therefore, she heard the Lord said, “Build a house where I can live”. Until this day, Pastor Willette has been a shepherd to serve God’s people and her

heart is not to make her name great, but to make the name of Jesus GREATER! Pastor Willette has an awesome healing testimony that propels her belief even the more that we must give our King Jesus what he desires for our lives. You will be greatly blessed and changed as you encounter the living God in her ministry.


People our Apostle has met and was poured into along the way!

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