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Apostle Willette Salley-Wilson


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Meet our Leader

Apostle Willette Salley-Wilson

Senior Pastor

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Prophetic Word for April 2024


The Lord is saying…

“THIS is the year of the rain. Elijah called down rain (when there was no rain), He allowed it to rain. Elijah was a man of great prayer. Therefore he walked in great power; that power was Power of the Holy Ghost! That's where we the people of God in THIS year will experience the rain of God's glory, His power and His fire! For the Lord will rain down upon us as we come before Him, our prayer lives are concentrated before Him, as we are concentrated before Him, and as we bring ourselves willing to die out of ourselves. THIS is the year where we die out of ourselves, so that we may live for the Lord. This is also the year of great INCREASE, FAVOR, & BLESSINGS. A year of GREAT ACCELERATION! Everything will speed up and happen VERY quickly. Even JUDGEMENT! For the Lord is going to judge the devil and everything that he has proposed to do against the things of God. THIS is the year where God will show Himself STRONG and MIGHTY and will be the God who takes care and provides for His people as we recognize that The Holy Spirit is the source of OUR power! The Holy Spirit is our helper and assisting us, the CHOSEN ones, to do the assignments that God has called us to do and to walk in the calling. The chosen ones must not be afraid and not think it is strange when the enemy comes upon our lives in ANY way. We WILL be different and we are CALLED to be different; not called to be like the world. We’re called to be examples of our Jesus. THIS is the year where God is saying, if we don’t give ourselves to Him fully, then we won’t be used of Him completely. THIS is the year of rain and the death of ourselves, so that our Jesus may live and be glorified upon ALL this earth. We are to pray for the right person (the one that God chooses) to be in position in every legislative area in our White House. THIS is the year of GREAT GLORY, FAVOR, and doors OPENING and CLOSING. This is THE year 2024, where The Holy Spirit will flow.”

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